State Water Resources Cost-Share Program

The State Water Resources Cost-Share Program sign-up in Sedgwick County takes place each year from April 1 to May 31. The State Water Fund through the State Conservation Commission provides funds for this program and technical assistance is provided by NRCS.

If you have an erosion problem on your land, it is time to do something about it. Every landowner knows that topsoil is his/her greatest asset. The Conservation District can help you find a solution. We can provide cost-share on terraces, waterways, critical area plantings, structures, gradient terraces, underground outlets, tile outlet terraces, diversions, livestock ponds (low priority), pasture plantings and more.

Call the SWRCSP coordinator at 316-721-6127 ext 7970 and have the following information available: name, address of the landowner, social security number, phone number and legal description of the land. All applications are prioritized by a special ranking system provided by the State Conservation Commission.

How to apply for Cost-Share Assistance Programs through the Sedgwick County Conservation District:  

Applications received January 1 through March 15 will be grouped and ranked first for possible funding on July 1. 

Applications received March 16 through June 30 will be grouped and ranked for possible funding on August 1 if funds remain available from the July 1 allocation.

Applications received July 1 through November 30 will be grouped monthly and ranked for possible funding monthly beginning September 1 if funds remain available from the July 1 allocation.
Applications will not be accepted in December.  All unfunded applications on file from January 1 through November 30 of current year will be notified in December of the new year application process which begins again in January.  Unfunded applications are encouraged to apply in January and February for the best chance of receiving funds.

Water Resources (WR):

  1. The landowner submits an application along with a W-9 to the Conservation District (CD).
  1. Applications are ranked by NRCS, and letters of tentative approval are sent out on or after July 1.
  2. A contract will be created by the District Manager and approved by the Sedgwick County Conservation District Board of Supervisors and the State Division of Conservation.
  3. The District Manager contacts the landowner by phone and/or mail when the contract is ready to sign.
  4. The landowner signs the contract and pays earnest money equal to 10% of the estimated cost of the project (within 2 weeks of receiving notice of the contract).
  5. Work on the project can now begin.
  1. The landowner submits receipts (including seed tickets if applicable) for completed work.
  2. NRCS staff complete the check-out process.
  3. The District Manager requests payment from the State and refunds the earnest money to the landowner.
  4. Payment from the State is mailed to the landowner.