If you have a lagoon or septic system on your property, it is important to monitor it to be sure it is operating properly. Watch a video about proper lagoon maintenance.

How to Maintain a Lagoon


the top and water side of embankment should be mowed so the grass is shorter than 6 inches

Water depth

Water depth of at least three feet keeps rooted plants from growing. The lagoon should be free of rooted and floating plants. Keep at least 18 inches of water above the sludge for best lagoon performance.

Trees/woody plants

Remove trees from within 50 feet of lagoon to keep leaf debris out, to avoid shading the lagoon surface, and to help control tree roots. It also allows better air circulation across the lagoon surface.


A fence should surround the lagoon. Keep the fence in good repair so animals and children cannot get through.

Additional Information

For further technical information about on-site wastewater systems, contact Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD), 660-1840.

For information about funds available for repairing or replacing failed systems, contact Sedgwick County Conservation District, 721-6127 ext 7970.