Kansas State Department of Education Mental Health Intervention Program

If your school is listed below, you may be eligible to enroll in services provided by COMCARE. Please consult with your school principal or school liaison if you have questions regarding your eligibility to enroll in school-based services. For more information view the KSDE MHIT Program Brochure.

USD 259

Allen Gammon Isley South
Bryant Gardiner Jardine Southeast
Chester Lewis Gateway Marshall Sowers
Cloud Gordon Parks Mead Spaght
Coleman Greiffenstein/Wells Minneha Stanley
Colvin Griffith Mueller Stucky
Dodge Hamilton North Truesdell
Enders Handle OK West
Enterprise Heights Seltzer Wilbur

Maize School District                                                                     Valley Center School District

Maize South Middle School Abilene Elementary Intermediate School
Maize South High School West Elementary Middle School
Maize Middle School Wheatland Elementary High School
Maize High School    
Maize Complete    

Required Documents: To be submitted to your school liaison.

If you are in foster care, please also include: