Daily Total Sick Reporting for Businesses

Sedgwick County asks businesses for their assistance to help control the spread of disease by reporting the total number of employees who are sick each week.  This will help the Health Department monitor trends in diseases, including COVID-19.  This is a voluntary system; the reporting is vital in assisting the Sedgwick County Health Department (SCHD) to monitor trends in diseases, including COVID-19. All agencies and organizations in Sedgwick County are encouraged to report. Businesses that choose to report should, at a minimum, report illnesses on Thursdays to ensure comparison. Businesses can report on other days, too.

Once baseline data is obtained, SCHD will post a weekly summary on the “Recovery and Reopening Businesses” section of the Sedgwick County website on Tuesday each week. The summary will contain aggregate numbers for all of Sedgwick County and will not identify specific businesses or individuals.

Instructions to complete form.

  1. Enter the Business and Reporting Information for the Thursday of each week.

  2. If the business has multiple locations, the data can be added across all locations and reported in one submission.

  3. For disease monitoring timeliness, report by 9 am on Mondays. Numbers submitted after that deadline are still accepted.

All fields are required.

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