Steps to Receive Your Vaccine

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We are accepting appointments from underinsured and uninsured adults and children and children with CHIP or Medicaid/KanCare for the 2023-2024 formula Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine. Call 316-660-7300 to schedule.

Getting vaccinated at the SCHD Main Clinic:

  1. Main Clinic. COVID-19 vaccinations are offered by appointment at SCHD's Main Clinic at 2716 W. Central for uninsured and underinsured adults and children and for children who are covered by CHIP or Medicaid/KanCare. To schedule an appointment, call 316-660-7300.

  2. SCHD administers updated Pfizer monovalent vaccine and Novavax vaccine for individuals who are eligible for services at our Main Clinic. These vaccines are administered by appointment by calling 316-660-7300. To find a provider administering the Moderna vaccine, visit

    • One dose of updated Pfizer (2023–­2024 Formula) vaccine for individuals 5 years of age and older regardless of prior vaccinations.
    • Three doses of updated Pfizer (2023–­2024 Formula) vaccine for unvaccinated children 6 months-4 years.

    • One or two doses of updated Pfizer (2023–­2024 Formula) vaccine for vaccinated children 6 months-4 years, depending on prior doses.

    • Additional doses of updated Pfizer (2023–­2024 Formula) for individuals who are moderately or severely immunocompromised.

    • A two-dose Novavax vaccine is available for people 12+.

  3. Locations & Parking.

  4. Bring These: Come prepared with the following to expedite the vaccination process:

    1. Your vaccine card or other documentation of previous vaccine doses. If lost, request it from the place you received vaccine. Our staff is unable to look up doses given in other states.
    2. Complete a registration form {English} {Spanish} {Vietnamese}

    3. You will not be asked to provide other forms of identification.