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COVID-19 Vaccine Community Survey

The University of Kansas School of Medicine–Wichita partnered with south-central Kansas counties to conduct a survey related to the likelihood residents may or may not get a COVID-19 vaccine. The purpose of the survey was to gauge the community’s interest in the survey, to plan for staffing levels to distribute or dispense the vaccine, and to learn where people go for information about COVID-19.

Vaccination Reporting

If you are a provider and are providing the vaccine, please report on the Vaccination Reporting Form

Vaccine Clinical Research Studies

If you have any questions about the vaccine and any potential health ramifications, you are urged to consult with your primary care physician. Information on local trials can be found at the locations below. 

Weekly Vaccine Update

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I got my COVID-19 vaccine, now what?

Do I have to get my second dose of the vaccine at the same location, what if I move cities?

You can get the second vaccine anywhere, and do not have to return to our site. You were issued a CDC card with your first dose and should keep that, as the information contained will ensure the correct second dose.

How do I schedule my second appointment, will it be at the same location?

At this time, the SCHD is working through the logistics of planning for future vaccine clinics. You will be notified when it is time to schedule your second appointment in the same ways as the first one (social media, local news, the SCHD website, your employer, etc.).

I’ve received the first dose of vaccine, but have since contracted the virus, when can I receive the second dose?

Follow normal positive testing guidelines and isolate for the appropriate amount of days.  If your second dose occurs during your isolation period, wait to receive the second dose until your isolation period has been completed. If your second dose occurs after your isolation period, go to your normally scheduled second appointment.

Expected Vaccine Availability by Population Group

Information and groups may be updated based upon federal and state guidance. Availability will be dependent upon supply and local distribution will occur. Further details of these breakdowns will be available in the future, following guidelines from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Phase 1 - Very Limited Availability (Winter)

Population Groups:

Phase 2 - Limited Availability (Late Winter)

Population Groups:

Phase 3 - Increased Availability (Spring)

Population Groups:

Phase 4 - Increased Availability (Late Spring)

Population Groups:

Phase 5 - Generally Available (Summer)

Population Groups: