Booster/Additional Dose Information

Why should I get a booster?

With all vaccines, immunity lessens as time goes on. Months after receiving your second dose of vaccine, your immunity may not be as effective in preventing severe illness. 

Be getting the booster, your immunity can stay strong and protect against the Omicron variant and potential future variants. 

Who can get a booster?

The CDC and FDA recommend everyone over the age of 5 get a booster.

When should I receive my booster dose?

Individuals 5+ years should receive the updated Pfizer booster 2 months after completing a primary series of COVID-19 vaccine. 

Individuals 18+ should receive a Novavax booster if they have completed a primary series at least 6 months ago, have received no previous boosters and cannot or will not get the bivalent booster. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Dosage Schedule 

Additional Dose Information for Individuals with Weakened Immune Systems

Who is this for?

People 5+ with certain conditions and treatments (examples below). 

What other eligibility criteria?

Two doses of Pfizer or Moderna with the second dose at least 28 days prior to the additional dose, or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson 28 days prior to the additional dose. 

People who can receive an additional dose have one or more of the following conditions or treatments: 

The conditions do not include those who are pregnant, residents of adult care homes, or those with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and COPD unless they have a condition or treatment listed above.

Booster Doses

Summary schedule of when additional doses and booster doses can be administered shown below:

Primary Vaccination Age Group Number of Primary and/or Additional Vaccine Doses Number of Booster Doses Interval Between 1st and 2nd Dose Interval Between 2nd and 3rd Dose Interval Between 3rd Dose and Booster
Pfizer 6 months - 4 years 3 N/A 3 weeks ≥8 weeks N/A
Pfizer 5-11 years 3 1 21 days ≥28 days ≥3 months
Pfizer ≥12 years 3 1 21 days ≥28 days ≥2 months
Moderna 6 months -4 years 3 N/A 4 weeks ≥4 weeks N/A
Moderna 5 - 11 years 3 N/A 4 weeks ≥4 weeks N/A
Moderna ≥12 years 3 1 28 days ≥28 days  ≥2 months
Johnson & Johnson ≥18 years 1 J&J, followed by 1 mRNA 1 ≥28 days ≥2 months N/A
Novavax ≥12 years 2 1 3 weeks ≥2 months N/A