What to Expect at a Polling Place

Curious about what to expect at your polling place? Never voted before? We're here to help!

Before you leave home, check to verify your polling location. Make sure you bring your valid, government issued photo ID with you. Be prepared for any hot, cold or rainy weather in the event that there are lines OR consider voting early.

When you arrive, you will be asked to state your name and address and show your ID. The Election Worker will help get your checked in. You will be asked if you would like to use a touch screen ballot marking device, or fill out a full page ballot. You will then be taken to a private area to complete your ballot.

How To Videos:

Submit a Write-In on the Touch Screen

Navigate Long Ballot Questions

Use the ADA Features of the Voting Machine

Cast Your Ballot

Find Results on Election Night

Assistance in Voting:

A voter may request assistance in voting for any reason, including but not limited to:

* Note: All voting machines in Sedgwick County are equipped with an audio ballot feature for accessibility. If you require an audio ballot, please ask an election worker.

Voters with Illnesses, Disabilities, or lacking proficiency in the English Language

  1. Special voting procedures are available for any voter having a permanent or temporary illness or disability which would make it difficult or impossible for that voter to vote at a voting place.
  2. All registration and voting procedures may be handled by mail.
  3. To vote by mail, a voter must complete an Application for an Advance Voting Ballot and mail or fax it to the Election Office.
  4. Voters who are unable to mark or transmit an advance ballot due to illness, disability, or lack of proficiency in the English language, may receive assistance from another person. The person rendering assistance must sign a statement and return both the statement and the advance ballot to the Sedgwick County Election Office by the time the polls close election day.
  5. Registered voters having permanent physical disabilities or illnesses are permitted to automatically receive advance ballots before every election. Applications for this special permanent advance ballot status are available from the Sedgwick County Election Office.
  6. If a voter who is elderly or disabled goes to the voting place, but finds it inaccessible, such voter may request that his or her ballot be brought to the entrance of the voting place.