Law Enforcement Bureau

The Law Enforcement Bureau of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is tasked with the law enforcement mission of the sheriff’s office.

The Patrol Division has jurisdiction within all 1,008 square miles of Sedgwick County.  It serves as first responder to calls for service originating within the unincorporated areas of Sedgwick County and assists other law enforcement agencies whenever needed.  The Patrol Division includes three duty watches that provide twenty-four hour coverage.  The Community Policing Unit deputies utilize problem solving models to address issues our citizens have encountered that may have otherwise gone unaddressed.  The Canine Unit consists of four patrol service dogs and their handlers who support drug interdiction, evidence retrieval and fugitive apprehension throughout the county.

The Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation and case preparation of criminal cases that have been reported to the sheriff’s office.  The Division is comprised of deputies and civilian employees who work many varied tasks that include:  crimes against persons, crimes against property, forensics laboratory, D.E.A. Task Force, Intelligence, Narcotics, E.M.C.U. (Exploited and Missing Child Unit), O.R.U. (Offender Registration Unit), violent crime task force and the F.B.I. Joint Terrorism Task Force. 

The Judicial Services Division supports the criminal justice system for the 18th Judicial District. Deputies assigned to courtroom security are responsible for maintaining the safety and order of courtroom proceedings.  The deputies assigned to the warrant section are responsible for the apprehension of persons who are the subject of arrest warrants issued through the 18th Judicial District Court and assist municipal and federal agencies with the apprehension of wanted persons.  The civil process deputies and civilian personnel  are responsible for the service of orders of the court, which include subpoenas, evictions, orders of protection from abuse, orders of protection from stalking, writs and other forms of process as ordered by the court. 

The Sheriff’s Office has members assigned to the Wichita Police Department S.W.A.T. team.  Deputies interested in a position must pass a series of tests before being eligible for selection.  The tests include:  firearms proficiency, physical fitness standards, performance evaluation review, completing the High Intensity Training Day and an oral review board.  Once selected for the team, members will train 288 hours each year.