Judicial Section

The Judicial Division is responsible for the activities of the sheriff’s office as they related to the 18th Judicial District of Sedgwick County.  Those various activities are assigned to different Sections within the Division and are outlined below.


This Section is primarily responsible for the safe and secure movement of inmates from the detention facility to a variety of court appearances.  This includes providing for the safety and security of those in attendance at the court appearances including Judges, Attorneys, Court personnel, jury members and citizens in the gallery while always maintaining custody of the inmate.  Court Deputies are also tasked with the safe transport of inmates to medical appointments to include Doctor, Dentist, and Eye appointments.

 Deputies in this section are also called to arrest persons in courtrooms at the direction of judges.  One deputy in this Section is wholly responsible for the coordination of court appearances by every other deputy in the agency.  This deputy acts as a liaison between the District Attorney’s Office, the District Court and the individual deputies.  When court security deputies are not performing court related duties, they are tasked with locating and arresting wanted persons.


This Section is responsible for locating and arresting persons for whom arrest warrants have been issued throughout the 18th Judicial District and other jurisdictions.  In addition, this Section maintains the “Sedgwick County Ten Most Wanted” and “Felon of the Day” listings that are distributed to and maintained on the sheriff’s office website.


The Section coordinates with jurisdictions in other states to arrange for the return of persons wanted in Sedgwick County who have been arrested in those states.  Likewise, this unit arranges for the return to other states of persons arrested here on out-of-state charges.  In order to accomplish the mission of actually transporting the wanted persons, the extradition section operates the Sedgwick County aircraft.  Our pilots also may be called upon to provide transportation for county officials to and from official functions as well as flying investigators to distant locations to interview suspects or others with connections to major cases, particularly when immediacy is crucial.  The use of this airplane rather than buying tickets on commercial aircraft or driving actually saves money for the citizens of Sedgwick County.  When these deputies are not performing their primary duties they are tasked with locating and arresting wanted persons.


 The Transportation Section consists of one sergeant and seven deputies.  The deputies assigned to the transportation team are certified law enforcement officers.  The Transportation Section transports inmates between Sedgwick County and other county detention facilities throughout Kansas as well as taking inmates to state prisons after they have been convicted by the courts.    Transport also picks up persons who have been arrested on Sedgwick County arrest warrants in other counties and returns them to face charges here. 


This Section is responsible for processing and assigning all documents received from the 18th Judicial District and other jurisdictions.  They also collect and account for all fees associated with civil process. Hours of operation hours Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.


The responsibility of this Section is to serve civil process within Sedgwick County.  This consists of delivering garnishments, divorce papers, subpoenas, notices of lawsuits, Protection From Abuse or Stalking orders, tax warrants, and other legal papers.  This Section also performs certain actions pursuant to court orders, such as evictions as well as picking up persons named in mental and alcohol petitions, which requires us to deliver them to the appropriate treatment facilities.  The Civil Section is comprised of both commissioned and civilian personnel.