Retired Deputy Concealed Carry

Section 2 (b)(4) of 18 USC 926C allows for agencies to establish qualification standards of it's retired officers. The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office has adopted such standards and has created a qualifications form for all retired Sedgwick County Sheriff's deputies to document such qualification.

Step 1:
Complete the applicable portion and print a copy OR obtain a copy of the “ Retired Deputy Firearm Qualification Form” from the Sheriff’s Administration Office.

Step 2:
Deliver a completed copy of the form to the Sheriff Administration Office.

Administrative personnel will complete the required portion of the form and FAX the form to the firearms range.

Step 3:
Please phone ahead to range staff to ensure range availability prior to coming to the Wichita/Sedgwick County Firearms Training Facility.

Additional items needed: Firearm(s) they wish to qualify with (a maximum of three), new “factory” ammunition for each firearm, a proper holster (no shoulder or ankle holsters).

Firearms range will provide: target, eye and ear protection.

Step 4:
Range staff will log firearm(s) for record keeping purposes, inspect firearm(s) for safety and qualify the retired deputy on the State of Kansas Standard Firearms Course.

Upon passing qualification, range staff will issue the required qualification card to the retired deputy.

Range staff will maintain records for each weapon used to qualify.

Retired deputies will be given two (2) attempts at qualifying with each weapon. Upon failure of second attempt, the deputy will not be allowed to attempt to qualify again for 30 days.