A plat is a parcel of land that has been divided into lots, blocks, streets, etc. Most of the developed areas and cemeteries in Sedgwick County are platted, however not all land in Sedgwick County is platted.

Subdivision Drawer Qtr. Sec. Map Qtr. Sec. Sec/Twp/Rng Filed
Woodspring Add S-2 2-29B MI-17 NE S5-T27S-R2E 6/16/1983
Woodvale Add W-2 8-10 RI-104 SW S26-T28S-R1E 8/15/1953
Woodys 1st Add W-1 8-10 DE-126 NW S32-T27S-R1W 1/21/1958
Woolcott 1st Add C-2 4-29 DE-97 NE S25-T27S-R1W 7/30/1999
Woolf Add G-2 1-18 DE-106 NW S27-T27S-R1W 10/1/1974
Works Sub Kinkaids Add W-2 8-4 WI-132 SW S33-T27S-R1E 4/5/1887
World Impact Add C-2 2-28 WI-54 NW S14-T27S-R1E 3/13/1987
World Savings 1st Add S-3 3-27 WI-93 NE S24-T27S-R1E 2/24/1984
Wps Add PC 206-6 AT-123 SE S31-T27S-R2W 6/11/2008
Wretberg Add PC 195-1 VC-93 NE S24-T25S-R1W 5/3/2007