A plat is a parcel of land that has been divided into lots, blocks, streets, etc. Most of the developed areas and cemeteries in Sedgwick County are platted, however not all land in Sedgwick County is platted.

Subdivision Drawer Qtr. Sec. Map Qtr. Sec. Sec/Twp/Rng Filed
Wolfs Lair PC 146-1 RO-36 SW S9-T29S-R2E 2/27/2003
Wollmans Add W-2 6-5 WI-109 NE S28-T27S-R1E 6/13/1885
Womack Schlegel Add S-1 4-20 RI-42 NW S11-T28S-R1E 8/19/1971
Womer Greers 1st Add W-2 6-8 WI-131 SE S33-T27S-R1E 6/17/1941
Womer Greers 2nd Add W-2 6-9 WI-131 SE S33-T27S-R1E 2/13/1942
Womer Greers 3rd Add W-2 6-10 RI-13 NE S4-T28S-R1E 7/10/1942
Womer Plaza 2nd Add PC 269-5 KE-122 NW S31-T26S-R1E 4/16/2018
Womer Plaza Add B-2 2-16 KE-122 NW S31-T26S-R1E 10/28/1977
Womers 1st Add W-2 8-6 WI-107 SE S27-T27S-R1E 7/6/1946
Womers 1st Add Part Of R-1 3-10 WI-107 SE S27-T27S-R1E 11/30/1950