A plat is a parcel of land that has been divided into lots, blocks, streets, etc. Most of the developed areas and cemeteries in Sedgwick County are platted, however not all land in Sedgwick County is platted.

Subdivision Drawer Qtr. Sec. Map Qtr. Sec. Sec/Twp/Rng Filed
Windwood Add PC 62-3 DE-25 NE S7-T27S-R1W 1/2/1996
Winfield Add NO 6-25 WI-21 NE S6-T27S-R1E 6/19/1980
Wingers Add W-2 5-4 WI-76 SW S19-T27S-R1E 8/16/1922
Winkley Add to Bel Aire PC 34-6 KE-96 SW S24-T26S-R1E 1/22/1993
Winkley Add to Park City PC 282-3 KE-83 SE S21-T26S-R1E 4/10/2020
Winnes 2nd Add W-2 6-2 WI-66 NW S17-T27S-R1E 3/10/1908
Winnes Add W-2 6-1 WI-114 NW S29-T27S-R1E 3/16/1908
Winter Add E 4-22 RI-114 NW S29-T28S-R1E 7/6/1977
Winter Estates PC 299-3 SH-60 SW S15-T26S-R3W 4/7/2022
Winter Farm PC 104-4 SH-15 SE S4-T26S-R3W 8/5/1999