A plat is a parcel of land that has been divided into lots, blocks, streets, etc. Most of the developed areas and cemeteries in Sedgwick County are platted, however not all land in Sedgwick County is platted.

Subdivision Drawer Qtr. Sec. Map Qtr. Sec. Sec/Twp/Rng Filed
Albin Estates Sub PC 229-1 KE-53 NE S14-T26S-R1E 8/2/2011
Alcon 2nd Add S-1 8-16 WI-92 SW S23-T27S-R1E 12/16/1971
Alcon Add R-2 5-19 DE-94 NW S24-T27S-R1W 10/23/1970
Alcorn 2nd Industrial Add P-Q 5-18 DE-144 SW S36-T27S-R1W 7/2/1969
Alcorn And Green Add A 1-12 WI-121 NE S31-T27S-R1E 5/14/1956
Alcorn Industrial Add A 2-11 DE-144 SW S36-T27S-R1W 3/7/1957
Aldersgate Add B-1 2-22 DE-33 NE S9-T27S-R1W 8/29/1979
Aldon Add C-2 4-33 DE-119 SE S30-T27S-R1W 6/12/1987
Aldrich And Pauls Sub Add A 4-1 WI-87 SE S22-T27S-R1E 12/18/1886
Ales 2nd Add B-1 7-16 OH-113 NE S29-T29S-R1W 12/28/1979