About the Division on Aging

Mission Statement

Assisting seniors, caregivers and persons with disabilities to achieve improved health and greater independence.

Vision Statement

We envision a community that empowers and supports individuals to live and age with dignity and choice.

About the Department

The Sedgwick County Department on Aging provides services for older adults and individuals with disabilities in Sedgwick County to assist them in maintaining their independence and reduce institutionalization.

The Department on Aging is responsible for planning and coordinating a comprehensive service delivery system. Special emphasis is given to the needs of low-income, and minority residents to delay or prevent costly institutionalization. The department’s focus is on providing supportive services along with information and options that will allow individuals to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Sedgwick County's Department on Aging is here to help with answers to your questions. For your convenience we provide you the opportunity to submit your question, problem, or inquiry to us online. Once your question is received a representative of the department will contact you or send you related material. How may we assist you?

Advisory Council

The Sedgwick County Advisory Council on Aging works to identify and respond to the needs of the community-dwelling, older residents and persons with physical disabilities of Sedgwick County and to contribute to the maintaining or improving of their life satisfaction.

The duties of the Sedgwick County Advisory Council on Aging shall include the following:

  1. Establishes goals for meeting the identified needs of older citizens and persons with physical disabilities in Sedgwick County.
  2. Assists the Sedgwick County Division on Aging in the development of a plan for a comprehensive, coordinated system of delivering services to the older citizens of Sedgwick County,
  3. Makes recommendations concerning expenditure of Sedgwick County Aging and Physical Disabilities Mill Levy funds.
  4. Acts as advocates on behalf of older citizens and persons with physical disabilities in Sedgwick County.
  5. Conducts at least annual evaluations of aging and physical disabilities programs in Sedgwick County.
  6. Elects members from the Sedgwick County Advisory Council to serve as members of the Central Plains Advisory Council on Aging.
  7. Gives recommendations to providers for services to older adults and persons with physical disabilities.
  8. Promotes the ability of older citizens and persons with physical disabilities to secure and maintain a high degree of independence and dignity in the community.
  9. Reviews annually an analysis of the administrative budget as presented by the Director of the Sedgwick County Department on Aging to the Advisory Council.
  10. Assists the Department on Aging to develop, and make public, The Sedgwick County Advisory Council’s bylaws to be reviewed annually and forwarded to the County Commission for approval.
  11. Keeps minutes of each meeting to be recorded by a staff member of the Division on Aging. These minutes shall be approved by the membership and made available to the general public upon request. A copy of all minutes shall be maintained at the office of the Division on Aging.
  12. Elects, at the first meeting of each calendar year, a chair and vice-chair.

The council meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m.


Frances Seidl - Commissioner Meitzner (District 1)
Mary Ellen Phillips - Commissioner Meitzner (District 1)
Debbie Willsie - Commissioner Meitzner (District 1)
Mary Corrigan - Commissioner O’Donnell, II (District 2)
Craig Perbeck - Commissioner O’Donnell, II (District 2)
Virgil Miller - Commissioner O’Donnell, II (District 2)
Joe Brown - Commissioner Dennis (District 3)
Clifford Koehn - Commissioner Dennis (District 3)
Geroge Dean - Commissioner Dennis (District 3)
Cathie Hay - Commissioner Cruse (District 4)
Mark Criner - Commissioner Cruse (District 4)
Lavonta Williams- Commissioner Cruse (District 4)
Jim Burgess - Commissioner Howell (District 5)
Bob Baker - Commissioner Howell (District 5)
Jeri Myers- Commissioner Howell (District 5)

Sedgwick County Advisory Council on Aging & Physical Disabilities
Trista Clevenger, Department on Aging  316-660-5139