Available Services

Services for Individuals with Physical Disabilities and Adults 60+

The following includes service available for persons with physical disabilities and individuals over 60 who are residents of Sedgwick County. Contact the Resource Center at 855-200-2372 for more information about these services.

Services for Individuals with Physical Disabilities

Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation - Therapy

Occupational and physical therapy services prescribed by a doctor but not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation - Posture Seating

Posture seating assessments, design, fabrication and repair of wheelchairs for persons with severe disabilities.

Cairn Health - Prescription Assistance for Persons on Disability (PAPD)

Provides financial assistance for prescriptions to assist low-income uninsured or under-insured persons, age 0-59 years of age, living or working within Sedgwick County who have a documented disability.

Catholic Charities - Adult Day Services

Adult day care services, including restorative therapy, classes and activities.

Envision - Low Vision Independence Program

This program works with persons with a physical disability and who are blind or visually impaired with rehab services including: occupational and physical therapy, orientation and mobility, counseling, assisted technology and adaptive equipment.

Independent Living Resource Center - Dental Program

Persons with disabilities are provided assistance with dental services.

Senior Services of Wichita - Meals on Wheels

Home delivered meals to home bound individuals with a physical disability.

Services for Adults 60+

Alzheimer's Association - Adult Care Connection

Adult Care Connection Program provides information, referral and care consultation helpline case management services to family caregivers caring for an older adult 60 and over in Sedgwick County.

Cairn Health - Plus Medical Services

This program works with pharmacies to obtain the best possible price on medication and provides a voucher to the senior. They also purchase diabetic supplies, provides access to vision services, pays Medicare Part D co-pays, and assists with enrollment of eligible seniors in PDP assistance programs to obtain medication for chronic conditions. Cairn assists seniors with up to $180 for emergent prescriptions each year.

Catholic Charities, Inc. - Adult Day Services

This program provides adults age 60 and older and their caregivers an adult day care service that not only provides respite for the caregiver but also activities of daily living, mobility, medication management, nutrition, arts and recreation, community integration, case management services and transportation to and from the facility.

Envision - Low Vision Independence Program for Seniors

This program works with adults 60 years and older who are blind or visually impaired with rehab services including: occupational and physical therapy, orientation and mobility, counseling, assisted technology and adaptive equipment.

Guadalupe Clinic - Health Screening and Prescription Voucher Program

Health screenings, health education, referrals and vouchers for prescription medications are made available through this program to low income older individuals who are 60 and over and residing in Wichita and Sedgwick County. Health education and screening services include: routine blood pressure, blood sugar and weight checks, health and nutrition assessment, and health education presentations.

Kansas Legal Services - Protective Legal Services for Elders

The Protective Legal Services for Elders program combines prevention efforts with legal action to respond to financial exploitation of elders. The prevention efforts include helping seniors designate an appropriate person to service as their Power of Attorney for financial matters or health care.

Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas - Senior Companion Program

This program enables seniors 60 years of age and older, who are living in poverty, to assist frail individuals over age 60, who are vulnerable to losing their independence due to physical or mental disabilities. The Senior Companion will assist with daily activities such as meal preparation, grocery shopping, medication reminders, transportation to medical appointments, attending social activities, companionship, and respite care for the families of clients.

Senior Services of Wichita – Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides a hot, noon meal five days a week (seven days a week for the most frail) to homebound individuals age 60 and older in the Wichita area.

Senior Services of Wichita – Roving Pantry

This Roving Pantry is a grocery shopping and delivery service for homebound individuals 60 and older.

Senior Services of Wichita - Senior Employment Services

Senior Employment helps workers fifty-five and above find paid employment in business and in-home placements. Tailored specifically to older people, it’s a valuable resource for seniors and for employers seeking mature workers and the skills and experience they bring with them.

United Methodist Open Door – Commodity Supplemental Food Delivery Program

This program will provide commodity delivery to eligible older adults age 60 and over. It will assist those that lack transportation to pick up their own commodities and others who are unable to buy food temporarily or on a permanent basis.

For information on these and other available service please contact the Resource Center at 855-200-2372.