Property Tax Relief

1. Who is eligible for disaster relief for property taxes? 

2. If I am eligible for disaster relief for property tax, am I automatically granted such relief? 

Not necessarily. Pursuant to the applicable state statute, the Board of County Commissioners may grant property tax relief when the Board of County Commissioners deems it appropriate. 

3. What does destroy or damaged 50 percent or greater mean?

If the cost to restore the property to its before damaged condition is greater or equal to 50 percent of the market value prior to the event, the property is deemed destroyed or substantially destroyed. However, if the cost does not meet the 50 percent threshold, it is not considered substantially destroyed and does not qualify for relief. 

4. How much would the abatement or credit be? 

The abatement or credit would be an amount calculated based on the most recent year’s general taxes that are levied prior to the event. Please note that special assessments are not included. This one-time credit can be applied to unpaid current taxes, and in some cases, future taxes. 

5. How do I apply?

Click the link at the bottom to go to the application. Fill in the fields, print, sign and then submit to the County Clerk’s Office at 525 N. Main Suite 211 Wichita, KS 67203. You may fax your application to (316) 383-7961 or email the application to

6. How long do I have to apply?

An application for relief must be made to the County Clerk’s office by the owner on or before December 20 of the year next succeeding the year for which taxes have been assessed.  For example, if the event took place in September 2018, you must apply by December 20, 2019. If the event took place in February 2019, you must apply by December 20, 2020.

7.Once I file my application, what is the process? 

Within 90 days of receipt of the application, Sedgwick County staff will: