Government Relations

Government relations at Sedgwick County plays an integral role in the legislative process by communicating issues of primary importance in Sedgwick County at the local, state and federal levels.

2022 Sedgwick County Legislative Platform

The following are legislative issues that will enable Sedgwick County to continue to maintain the high level of service and programs to the citizens of our County.


  1. Critical funding for mental/behavioral health issues affecting Sedgwick County:
    • Support for a regionalized state mental health facilities, including Sedgwick County. Sedgwick County requests a regional state facility with a bed capacity of 50.
    • 988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Funding. 
    • Strengthen and enhance the Medicaid safety net model in Kansas.
      • Maintain support of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model in Kansas. 
      • Addressing the Needs of the Uninsured and Underinsured – Restoring the Promise of Mental Health Reform.  Support a $3.0 million increase in funding for FY 2023 for CMHCs.
      • Support Community Crisis Center Funding of $9.5 million in statewide additional funds with Sedgwick County COMCARE requesting $1.5 million based on service volume and length of operation.
      • Enhancement of Medicaid Rates for Behavior Health.  A 4 percent rate would result in approximately $12 million in additional funding to providers. 
    • Support workforce initiatives to increase Medical and Clinical Resources.
      • Address workforce shortages with the State’s $1.6 billion in APRA funding which could include loan reimbursement, loan forgiveness, and tuition assistance. 
  2. Corrections: Increase funding to Community Corrections by $14.3 million to get salaries and programming to the level required for intensive supervision as mandated by Kansas Statue 75-5291.
  3. Charter Commission: Pass SB53.


  1. Health Department: Support a statewide $1.6 million increase in funding for Aid to Local funding, and a permanent increase in the minimum payment allocation to local health departments. 
  2. Developmental Disability Organization :
    • Develop a comprehensive five-year plan for the elimination of the HCBS IDD Waiver Waiting List. 
      • Include $5.0 million in the next budget cycle to specifically address IDD Waiver waiting list offers. 
    • Stabilize the Current IDD Service System & Reinforce Support for Local Expertise through Funding Increases. Add $2.5 million (all funds) to KDADS budget for CDDO Administration.  Increase HCBS IDD waiver rates by 7% ($36.5 million all funds).  Restore $5 million in State General Fund and $560,000 in State Aid to the KDADS budget.
  3. Division of Finance and ITS: Ability to create funds for the Division of Finance and Information Technology Services at the discretion of the County Commission without explicit approval by state statute. 
  4. Specialty Courts: Sedgwick County supports the 18th Judicial District Court in its request for approximately $442,863.60 for two additional district court judges and one magistrate judge to facilitate the operations of the Veteran and Mental Health courts and additional responsibilities. With additional funding of $1,054,828 for community Corrections and COMCARE to support Court participants.
  5. Suspended Driver’s License Law: A Criminal Justice Reform review of the minimum sentencing guidelines and the Forever Lookback Law.
  6. SB 367: Make enhancements to SB367.
  7. Broadband Access and Storm-water Mitigation: Support legislation that funds broadband access and storm water mitigation through state funding or Federal Infrastructure Bill.
  8. Exploration Place: Ability to establish a sales tax exemption on memberships for Exploration Place.

2022 Sedgwick County Federal Agenda