Strategic Communications

News Releases

Release Date Topic
10/15/18 First Reports of Flu in Sedgwick County
10/11/18 Sedgwick County Needs Election Workers
10/11/18 Controlled water release at Cheney Reservoir
10/11/18 Standard and Poor’s Reaffirms County’s Credit Rating
09/27/18 Wichita-Valley Center Flood Control Project Renaming Moves Forward
09/24/18 Sedgwick County Division of Health to Offer Flu Shots at their Main Clinic Beginning October 1
09/21/18 Office of the Court Trustee: 18th Judicial District Court Trustee to Increase Fees after more than 20 years
09/20/18 EMS Post 8 Ready for Service
09/19/18 Friday's Funeral Procession Route Announced
09/17/18 Sedgwick County Sheriff Deputy to be Laid to Rest on Friday
09/14/18 EMS Director to Retire after Three Decades of Service
09/11/18 Sedgwick County Names Director of Strategic Communications
09/05/18 County Appraiser Retires after Decades of Service
08/17/18 Commissioners to Hold Vote Canvass Today
08/15/18 County’s 2019 Budget Adopted: Enhances Public Safety and Human Services
08/10/18 Commissioners Hold Vote Canvass for 2018 Primary Election
08/10/18 Time Change: Commissioners Hold Vote Canvass for 2018 Primary Election
08/03/18 Alternate Route for Valley Center Christian Church Polling Place
08/02/18 55TH St. South and Meridian Traffic Safety Improvement Project
08/02/18 COMPLETED: Sedgwick County Outdoor Warning Siren Software Upgrade