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For Immediate Release
May 11, 2015
Brittany Clampitt
Kristi Zukovich

County Consolidates, Creating New Emergency Communications and Management Department

Sedgwick County is always alert to opportunities for increased efficiency. Following the retirement of former Emergency Management Director Randy Duncan, such an opportunity presented itself in the form of consolidation of certain public safety and public health functions.

Sedgwick County Emergency Management, Emergency Communications and the Sedgwick County Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness unit have reorganized to form the Sedgwick County Emergency Communications and Management department, a change that went into effect on May 3, 2015. Kim Pennington, Emergency Communications, will head the new, combined department. Elora Randleas will provide operational leadership for Emergency Communications. Dan Pugh will provide operational leadership as Emergency Manager, overseeing the county’s all-hazards emergency management services.

“The restructure allows us to reduce duplication of those public safety and public health services that are very similar in nature and require similar response,” said Marv Duncan, Division of Public Safety director. “The new department will help us better fulfill our mission to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters.”

Media requests for the department should be sent to the Office of Communications and Community Initiatives, which can be reached at 316-660-9370 or at