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For Immediate Release
August 3, 2016
Kate Flavin


County Manager's Executive Team Announced

In June, County Manager Mike Scholes unveiled a new organizational chart reflecting the organization redesign. It reduced his direct reports to four people, a deputy county manager, two assistant county managers and a county engineer. These four will serve as his executive team:

  • Deputy County Manager: Tom Golden comes to the organization with public and private sector experience. He is a proven executive finishing up a 32 year military career as a rotary winged and fixed winged pilot. He served in several capacities in Rockdale County Government and has private sector human resources experience. Golden has a Master of Business Administration.
  • Assistant County Manager of Public Safety, Code Enforcement, and Emergency Management: Tom Stolz will oversee the public safety divisions that fall under the county manager’s purview which includes EMS, Corrections, and the Metropolitan Building and Construction Division.
  • Assistant County Manager of Public Services: Tim Kaufman will be in charge of public service oriented divisions such as COMCARE and the Parks Division. He will also serve on the Sedgwick County Zoo and Exploration Place boards.
  • County Engineer: David Spears will remain responsible for the department of public works and report to the county manager.

Four vacant positions have also been filled.

  • Information Technology Director: Wes Ellington has served in several leadership positions within information technology in Sedgwick County. He will now oversee all IT functions within the organization.
  • Public Information Officer: Kate Flavin will be the central point of contact for external communication and media relations. She will support the county manager and commissioners.
  • Corporate Communications Manager: Keturah Austin has extensive public and private sector experience in general communications, media relations and crisis communications. Austin will be the central point of contact for internal communication and employee – community engagement. She will be responsible for informing and educating the community on county services.
  • Assistant to the County Manager: Jessica Ostmeyer will primarily support the county manager and organize the Board of County Commission meeting agenda process.

The organization’s transition will be strategically phased-in and completed by the end of 2016. As of this point, the county engineer reports to the county manager. The next departmental phase-in will be public services; third will be general services and the final phase-in will be public safety and code enforcement. An organizational chart is attached for reference.