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For Immediate Release
March 22, 2021
Kate Flavin


County Reacts to the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services Order

(Sedgwick County, KS) – Today, Sedgwick County was made aware of an order from the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services relating to a call on June 19, 2019.

The order sanctions three current EMS employees. These employees have continued to work as paramedics and front line responders over the past 21 months without incident. The order is not final and County will continue to employ them in that capacity while contesting the proposed action.

County officials are aware of the EMS Board’s decision and respectfully disagree with the Board’s findings and believe that competent and appropriate care was provided to this patient.

Sedgwick County has retained David Cooper, with the law firm of Fisher Patterson Sayler Smith to represent the three employees and we will vigorously contest the proposed action.

Immediately following the incident in 2019, the Sedgwick County Medical Society reviewed the actions taken during this incident and sent the following conclusion to the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services:

  1. The EMS providers delivered appropriate care within their protocols and their scope of practice.
  2. The EMS physician provided care that fully meets the standard of care.