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Open Meeting Notice
May 2, 2016
Kate Flavin


Departmental Budget Hearings

As part of the 2017 Sedgwick County budget process, commissioners will hear from county division heads and directors regarding their plans and suggestions for the coming year. Departmental hearings will take place between May 9 and 20; a full schedule is attached. We will keep you updated should the schedule change.

The recommended 2017 budget will be presented to commissioners at the July 13 Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners meeting. Sedgwick County residents will have opportunities to participate in public hearings on July 27 and August 4. As well, an online public hearing forum will be available after July 13.

The county’s budget is scheduled to be presented for adoption August 10.

Residents may keep track of budget hearings and documents on the Sedgwick County website at