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For Immediate Release
July 1, 2013
Amanda Matthews
Kristi Zukovich

Fire Hazard Advisory - Storm Debris and Fireworks

Tree limbs and other debris from last week’s storm have the potential to cause more harm than their initial fall to the ground. Much of this debris still remains piled in front yards and next to curbs waiting to be removed by a trash hauler.

In the meantime, fireworks are and will be shot in many locations throughout Sedgwick County through the Independence Day holiday. The dried leaves and limbs on the ground in combination with fireworks can be dangerous.

The Sedgwick County Fire Department urges caution when igniting fireworks, and asks residents to use extreme caution if dried tree limbs, leaves, grasses, etc. are nearby. The areas where fireworks are ignited and where they may travel should be completely free of these materials and a water source should be readily available.

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