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For Immediate Release
June 16, 2022
Nicole Gibbs


Lanterman Named Director of EMS

(Sedgwick County, Kan.) – Sedgwick County has named Kevin Lanterman as the permanent Director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Lanterman has served as the Interim Director of EMS since Aug. 2021. Sedgwick County conducted a nationwide search and also asked all EMS employees to provide feedback on applicants.

“I have full confidence that Director Lanterman, EMS leadership and management team will facilitate a collaborative work environment for employees and move the EMS Department forward as a contemporary out-of-hospital care and patient transportation organization,” said Rusty Leeds, Assistant County Manager.

Lanterman is an experienced and well-respected EMS leader and paramedic having served with Sedgwick County EMS for 30 years. He served in the role of Shift Commander for the past 16 years with a short stint as the Interim Deputy Director of Operations.

“It’s an honor to continue to serve Sedgwick County and lead the EMS department. Our staff and field providers have had challenges, but the team and I have a plan for the future that we’re putting into action. I’m excited to see how our work will grow the department,” said Kevin Lanterman, Director of EMS.

Lanterman will continue to work closely with the EMS leadership team and operations personnel on the work environment, recruitment, and hiring and retention efforts for improved service delivery to the citizens of Sedgwick County.