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For Immediate Release
March 24, 2021
Kate Flavin


Archived: Local Health Order Revoked, Masks and Social Distancing Strongly Recommended


(Sedgwick County, KS) – In advance of action from the State related to Senate Bill 40, the Board of County Commissioners voted on several measures today.

  • Commissioners voted to rescind the current local health order effective immediately.
  • Commissioners adopted a resolution that strongly recommends for individuals a continuation of healthy behaviors – being vaccinated when eligible, wearing a mask, and social distancing – to be effective immediately and for the next 90 days.
    • Businesses and organizations are strongly recommended to require customers, employees, and others to wear face masks while in indoor public spaces and to have them also maintain six feet of space between others.
  • Communication from the Sedgwick County Commission and leadership will be sent to the State requesting to move into Phase 5 of the vaccine schedule. Commissioners will take a vote in regards to moving into Phase 5 on Friday, March 26.

SB 40 allows people who feel aggrieved by local health orders to challenge the orders in court. Note, none of the local health orders signed by Dr. Garold Minns have successfully been challenged in court.