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For Immediate Release
February 8, 2013
Amanda Matthews
Kristi Zukovich

Archived: Primary Election Update


The city of Valley Center will have a primary election February 26 for one city council district race, Ward 2. The Sedgwick County Election Commissioner was notified Wednesday, February 6 that the city of Valley Center has a city ordinance which provides for a primary election when there are more than two candidates seeking election to a given office. The city of Wichita and the city of Park City also will have primary elections for city council seats on February 26.

Registered voters will have several options for voting in the Valley Center primary:

  • Request a paper ballot by mail (application and mailing address available online)
  • Advance vote at any of the designated locations, including the Election Office, from February 13 – 25
  • Vote at your polling location on Election Day (paper ballots will be used in this primary due to the late notice; there will be provisions for ADA voting)

The candidates for the Ward 2 primary include Laurie Dove, Shawn Ehrstein and Ricky Shellenbarger. The two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary will progress to the general election. Candidates for the Valley Center general election are Louis Cicirello (Ward 1); Lionel “Jake” Jackson (Ward 3); and Ben Anderson and Al Hobson (Ward 4).

For information about upcoming elections, including advance voting locations, visit the Sedgwick County Election website at


The election commissioner has asked the Sedgwick County Communications Office to assist by serving as the primary media contact. Please direct all questions or requests for interviews to the Communications Office at 660-9370.

Valley Center’s ordinance is attached. Any questions regarding the ordinance should be directed to the city of Valley Center.