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For Immediate Release
September 23, 2013
Jill Tinsley
Kristi Zukovich

Archived: Sedgwick County Commissioner Receives Public Health Award


(Sedgwick County, Kan) - Sedgwick County Commissioner Tim Norton was presented one of public health’s most prestigious honors at the Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA) meeting in Wichita last week. Norton was selected as the recipient of the Samuel J. Crumbine Medal, KPHA’s highest award for meritorious service for the improvement of the health of Kansans and/or the environment of the state.

Norton’s nomination reflected his continued leadership and advocacy as an elected official and Board of Health member in advancing public health initiatives in the state and with other elected officials. His selection is representative of his work promoting public health through the Kansas Association of Counties and helping county elected officials better understand public health. He was a participant of the Kansas Public Health Leadership Institute, being the only elected official to graduate from that program. Norton also participated in the National Public Health Leadership Institute, helping to advance public health initiatives on the national level.

The Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA), a professional association for Kansas’s public health practitioners, professionals, and advocates, is the voice for public health in the state.

KPHA provides a forum for individuals and organizations to work collectively to assure conditions in which Kansans live will be healthy. KPHA’s diverse membership is unified by a shared mission of promoting and improving population health in Kansas.

KPHA brings together individuals and organizations from all across the state for public health including researchers/academia, health service providers, health advocates, local and state administrators, nurses, doctors, private or public organizations, safety net clinics, health foundations and all others who believe they promote public health in Kansas.