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For Immediate Release
August 7, 2023
Stephanie Birmingham


Sedgwick County Declared a Purple Heart County

(Sedgwick County, Kan.) – The Sedgwick County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) celebrated a proclamation today, declaring Sedgwick County a Purple Heart County and Aug. 7, 2023, as Purple Heart Day. The Military Order of the Purple Heart Richard E. Cowan Chapter 558 was on hand to receive that proclamation. The designation honors local veterans who were wounded or killed in combat.

 “This is a great tribute,” said BoCC Chairman Pete Meitzner. “Becoming a Purple Heart County gives our veterans the recognition they deserve for risking their lives for our country. This lets veterans and their families know they did not suffer in vain.”

 Today’s proclamation makes Sedgwick County a part of the National Purple Heart Trail, a symbolic network of highways, bridges and other monuments that display signs to commend veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal. It is a visual reminder to drivers using the roads that others have paid a high price for their freedom to travel and live in a free society.

 Sedgwick County Public Works is installing Purple Heart County signs on 10 major roads and highways leading into Sedgwick County:

  • US-54, Butler County Line
  • US-54, Kingman County Line
  • K-96, Reno County Line
  • K-254, Butler County Line
  • US-81, Sumner County Line
  • Broadway, Harvey County Line
  • Meridian, Harvey County Line
  • 151st, Sumner County Line
  • 95th, Butler County Line
  • Rock Rd, near McConnell Air Force Base