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For Immediate Release
October 31, 2013
Brittany Clampitt
Kristi Zukovich

Siren at 29th and Maize Operational Again

The outdoor warning device at 29th Street North and Maize Road is operational again.

The failure occurred while a control board from the device’s old operating system was running simultaneously with a new operating system, with both systems capable of activating the siren. Technicians have removed the old control board. Sedgwick County Emergency Management officials were not able to determine what caused the old board to sound, but cite power issues in the area as a possible factor.

When new controller systems were being installed in sirens in 2012, the older systems were left in place and active until the installation and testing processes were complete. Emergency Management is disconnecting the old systems as technicians perform routine maintenance of sirens. Before Wednesday, the siren at 29th Street North and Maize Road had no performance issues and the old system remained active until technicians disabled it on Wednesday.

Overall, Sedgwick County’s outdoor warning devices have an excellent performance record, but citizens should remember that sirens are just one component of a layered approach to receiving critical information. Sedgwick County residents are encouraged to use a multitude of indicators when emergency situations arise, including:

  • NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio
  • Cell phone alerts
  • Monitoring the Internet and local media
  • The Sedgwick County Emergency Log (E-Log), found on