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For Immediate Release
May 1, 2013
Amanda Matthews
Kristi Zukovich

Spring Creek Watershed Study Open House

In Sedgwick County, many residents are affected by flooding, erosion and water quality issues stemming from the Spring Creek Watershed. The Sedgwick County Stormwater Management Advisory Board is gathering information about these issues in an effort to develop a plan to remedy them. The board is using multiple methods to gather information, including open public meetings.

The board invites all interested stakeholders to an open house to discuss matters related to the Spring Creek Watershed between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. May 15 at the Derby Public Library, 1600 Walnut Grove Road, Derby, Kan. Attendees may come and go, and brief, identical presentations providing an overview of the study will commence at 4:50 and 5:40 p.m.

The Spring Creek Basin encompasses 32 square miles between Derby and Wichita, generally draining to the Spring Creek above the Arkansas River at Derby, bounded by Buckner, McConnell Air Force Base, Pawnee, 143rd St. East and 95th St. South.

The study began in March and will be completed by November. Over the course of that time, stakeholders will have an opportunity to weigh in on the issues and consider appropriate solutions during three public meetings, as well as an online survey.

Ultimately, the results of the Spring Creek Watershed Study will provide a basis for Sedgwick County and the cities of Derby and Wichita to make informed decisions about infrastructure needs and appropriate development.

This study is one of two being undertaken by Sedgwick County as it begins its efforts to develop plans for all of the watersheds in the county. It will serve as a benchmark for completing future plans and assessments.