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For Immediate Release
October 23, 2020
Kate Flavin


Archived: Three More COVID-19 Clusters Identified in Adult Care Homes


(Sedgwick County, Kan.) – Sedgwick County has partnered with Medicalodges Goddard, Regent Park Assisted Living, and Rolling Hills Health and Rehab to jointly provide an update on newly identified clusters. 

Medicalodges Goddard: Senior Living and Care, 501 Easy Street, Goddard, KS
24 cases (nine staff, 15 residents) have been identified. 
Everyone is tested twice a week.

“Medicalodges Goddard has been closely following the recommendations of the CDC, state, and local health authorities and have been working closely with the Sedgwick County Health Department. We intend to focus on the care of our residents and protect their privacy as well as that of our employees at this time. Additional information and ongoing updates may be obtained at,” said Danielle Brumbelow, Director of Nursing.

Regent Park Assisted Living, 10600 E. 13th ST N, Wichita, KS
16 cases (seven staff, nine residents) have been identified.
All residents have been tested, and staff are tested weekly.

“We welcome the collaborative resources of County and State Health Departments.  All residents and staff have been tested and continue to be tested weekly” said Chris Mahen, Chief Operating Officer.

Rolling Hills Health and Rehab, 1319 S. Seville, Wichita, KS
30 cases (nine staff, 21 residents) have been identified.
All residents and staff have been tested. Residents are tested weekly and staff are tested twice a week.

“Rolling Hills Health and Rehab is actively working with Sedgwick County Health Department while following the recommendations of the CDC, CMS and KDHE. The residents safety is our number one priority.”

“With high levels of COVID-19 still circulating in the Sedgwick County community, there is only so much we can do to prevent workers from being exposed in the community, getting infected and unknowingly bringing it into the facilities where they work,” said Adrienne Byrne, Sedgwick County Health Department Director. “Following CDC and KDHE recommendations and guidance for Long Term Care Facilities continues to be vital in keeping staff and residents safe.”

Sedgwick County investigates reports of notifiable diseases, like COVID-19. If a case is identified in an adult care home, Sedgwick County recommends that the facility isolate any symptomatic people away from other residents. Residents and staff are tested, either by the Health Department at no cost or through the facility. The facility monitors all residents and staff for symptoms. The Health Department works with the facility to ensure all close contacts are identified and are properly quarantined or isolated.