Reports, Plans and Initiatives

Data Book December 2021

Program Evaluation for State Fiscal Year 2022

This report provides an evaluation conducted by Wichita State University of programs funded by the Kansas Department of Corrections - Juvenile Services and the Sedgwick County Crime Prevention Fund.

Benchmark 5 Report

This published document contains an assessment of risk factors and outcomes for Sedgwick County and the comprehensive plan for juvenile delinquency prevention.

Comprehensive Plan for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

This plan provides a framework for community programming and encompasses strategies for a continuum of effective programs for youth. The 18th Judicial District Comprehensive Plan was updated and approved by Team Justice on April 2, 2021.

JCAB Annual Report - October 2021

This annual report is provided to the Kansas Department of Corrections - Juvenile Services by Team Justice, the Juvenile Correctional Advisory Board, and includes data related to youth served, programs offered, and identified needs. 

Prevention and Graduated Sanctions Programs

Information on prevention and graduated sanctions programs was updated and revised in January 2015. The programs document contains brief descriptions for each program receiving funds from the Sedgwick County Community Crime Prevention Fund, the city of Wichita Liquor Tax Fund and the Kansas Department of Corrections - Juvenile Services Division.

Key Initiatives

The key initiatives the department is working to accomplish have been revised. These initiatives show the strategic directions of local activities for juvenile and adult corrections.

Juvenile Justice Leadership - Sedgwick County , Kansas

Article by Justice Management Institute, 2014

Community Zip Codes with JIAC Intakes and Prevention Program Numbers

Strategic Plan - 2021 update