Sedgwick County, KS / City of Wichita Economic Development Incentive Policy

Development Guidelines for Incentives Adopted in 2020

The Development Guidelines adopted in 2020 are joint incentive policies with the City of Wichita.

Policy Statement

Economic development incentives are necessary due to the inherent competition between localities for new and expanding businesses and jobs. As such, Sedgwick County shall employ incentives prudently on projects or opportunities where the incentives can make a difference in a company locating to, or expanding in Sedgwick County.

Pursuant to the Constitution of the State of Kansas, Article 11, Section 13, Sedgwick County has authority to offer ad valorem tax exemptions.

Sedgwick County desires to offer consistent economic development incentive policies in cooperation with municipalities throughout the County in order to promote regional growth, development and an enhanced quality of life.

Criteria for granting of Economic Development incentives:

A. Sedgwick County will consider offering economic development incentives based on the attached City of Wichita and Sedgwick County Economic Development Guidelines October 2020 (“Guidelines”).

B. Although adopted by the County and the City of Wichita, certain portions of the Guidelines may apply to only one jurisdiction. The intent of the Guidelines is to complement incentive programs offered by other local jurisdictions or the State of Kansas. Adoption of these Guidelines does not prohibit County or City of Wichita from considering other public incentives. When the Guidelines are updated, this policy shall be revised to reflect the current Guidelines.