Foreign Trade Subzone

In instances when a firm wants foreign trade zone status for its own plant or facility, and when the existing general purpose zone cannot accommodate the firm's proposed activity, the designation of a subzone may be granted. This designation is generally sought by larger companies that cannot effectively use the general purpose zone. Subzones must be located so that the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection can fulfill its proper oversight functions at the proposed location of the subzone.

Sedgwick County currently sponsors subzone #161A, Hospira, Inc., in McPherson.

There is no legal difference in the types of activity that may be undertaken in general purpose zones or subzones. Merchandise entering a zone may be:

Achieving special purpose subzone status requires Sedgwick County and the company desiring the designation to submit an application to the Foreign Trade Zones Board in Washington, D.C. At this time, it takes between six months to a year to have an application approved.