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Legal Notifications

Department Title 1st Date of Publication
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB #24-0024 - Rachel Brook Estates Addition Drainage & Infrastructure Improvements 03/14/24
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB #24-0025 - Rachel Brooke Estates Addition Suburban Street Construction - Phase 1 03/14/24
MAPD Resolution 043-2024 - CON2023-0046 BOCC Resolution Revised 2.27.24 03/14/24
MAPD Resolution 044-2024, A Resolution Changing the Zoning Classification 03/14/24
MAPD Resolution 046-2024, A Resolution Extending a Moratorium and Providing for the Continued Suspension 03/14/24
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB #24-0022 BM Overlays (R175-E) 03/07/24
MAPD Resolution 040-2024, A Resolution of Denial in the 120 Foot Communications Facility 03/07/24
BoCC Resolution 034-2024, 911 CAB Amendment 02/29/24
BoCC Resolution 036-2024, A Resolution Amending Chapter 22, Article 11 of the Sedgwick County Code to Add Provision Regarding Broadband Ready Community Projects 02/29/24
MAPD Resolution 037-2024, CON2023-00053 Generally Located One-half Mile 02/29/24
MAPD Resolution 038-2024, A resolution Amending Article II, Section B Items 4.L, 4.M, 9B., and 13C. and Article III, Section D., Item 6.W 02/29/24
BoCC Resolution 026-2024, A Resolution Amending Chapter 16, Article II, Division 3 - County Jail 02/15/24
BoCC Resolution 017-2024, A Resolution Establishing A Sedgwick County Emergency Communications Community Advisory Board 02/15/24
Public Works Notice to Bidders - RFB #24-0018, 2024 NovaChip (R175-B) 02/15/24
MAPD Resolution 025-2024, A Resolution for the Request of A Conditional Use for An Event Center 02/15/24
BoCC Resolution 164-2023, A Resolution Authorizing the Submission of a Subzone Activation Application 02/08/24
Appraiser Results of the Market Analysis for Sedgwick County for the Assessment Year 2024 02/08/24
MAPD Resolution 003-2024, A Resolution for Nic Hillman 01/25/24
Public Works Notice to Bidders, RFB #24-0010, Bridge Improvements (B509) 01/25/24
MAPD Resolution 269-2023, A Resolution Changing the Zoning Change Classification 01/25/24