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Trades Certification Renewals Start September 1, 2021 for Electricians, Elevator Mechanics, and Alarm Technicians. Please remember to provide proper documentation to staff when renewing your trades certificates. This includes the original CEU's certificate provided by the CEU provider and obtained during the previous cycle. Only those classes that are listed on our web page have been approved for use as required CEU's by the KEERC (Kansas Electrical Continuing Education Review Committee).

MABCD is on a 2-year renewal cycle on certificates and all certificates expire December 31 of each odd-number year. When you renew your certificate, you will have to provide information on the class(es) you attended to show 12 hours of continuing education related to your specific trade, 6 hours of which will have to be on code related to your specific trade.

Obtain a copy of the Trades Certificate Renewal Form and CEU Log below:

Board of Electrical Appeals Information

Board of Electrical Appeals Meets the Second Tuesday of every month at 3 p.m., 3rd Floor Large Training Room #318, 271 W. 3rd St. N., Wichita, KS, 67202

For inquiries or requests to appear before the Board of Electrical Appeals contact. chris.nordick@sedgwick.gov