Buying and Selling a Vehicle

When a vehicle is sold to another person or dealer, the first assignment section on the back of the vehicle title must be completed before the purchaser can register it. In addition, other documentation may be required in certain circumstances as listed below.

  1. New Kansas titles conform to federal odometer requirements and contain space to list the odometer reading and purchase price. If the title is non-conforming, an Affidavit of Purchase Price and Odometer Disclosure Statement will be required.
  2. If there is a lien shown on the front of the title, a notarized lien release or lien holder consent to transfer the lien is required.
  3. If the vehicle is registered jointly with other persons (such as John AND Jane Doe) all persons listed as owners must sign the title. If it is not possible to have all the owners present to sign, you must provide a Power of Attorney from the other owner(s) listed. The owners must sign back of title as the seller(s).  Effective February 1, 2022, all paperwork involving an individual Power of Attorney, must have a copy of a driver's license or photo ID, from both the buyer and the seller, included in the transaction paperwork. Additionally, the person who is executing the Power of Attorney, will need to show a photo ID at the time of processing.
  4. If the vehicle is being sold because the owner died, you will need a completed Decedents Affidavit or Transfer on Death Affidavit, and, if there is more than one heir, each heir will need to sign an Affidavit of Purchase Price to the heir who will be selling the vehicle. The heir selling the vehicle will have to have the vehicle titled in his/her name prior to selling the vehicle to a third party.
  5. If vehicle ownership is being transferred due to divorce, you will need divorce papers showing that you were granted custody of the vehicle before you can change the given title. A lien holder consent form may also be required.
  6. If vehicle ownership is being transferred due to marriage, you will need your marriage license. A lien holder consent form may also be required.
  7. If the vehicle is given as a gift, an Affidavit to a Fact signed by the previous owner must be provided, or sales tax will be collected at the time of registration. The affidavit should state that the vehicle was given as a gift and not sold.
  8. Additional documents may be required by State law, if other selling circumstances exist.
  9. Sellers may be eligible for a refund on the unexpired portion of your tag. To claim a refund, we need your license plate, a completed refund worksheet which may be taken to any Tag Office location or may be mailed to P.O. Box 2909, Wichita, KS 67201. Trailer tags and motor bike tags are not eligible for refunds.
  10. For more detailed information, call our Customer Service number 316-660-9000.

Buying a Vehicle with an Electronic Title

After the buyer has satisfied the asking price, both parties will fill out the electronic sales agreement. This form will allow the buyer to purchase a 60-day tag for $8.00 or $10.00 at a substation.

The seller must attach a copy of the vehicle's current registration showing their name as owner and the lien holder's name to the electronic sales agreement.

The buyer can also have the power of attorney & odometer disclosure for electronic title filled out at the same lime. This allows the paper title to be mailed directly to the buyer who can use the power of attorney to assign the title themselves.

If at all possible, the buyer should bring the notarized lien release with them when they apply for 60-day permit it to have processed by our office. This ensures the buyer the paper title will be sent to them within the 60-day period.

The seller agrees by his signature on the electronic sales agreement to deliver the properly assigned Kansas Certificate of Title (paper title) within the 60-day period.

Register a Vehicle with an Electronic Title

A person coming into Kansas from another state that is an e-title state can register their vehicle using their current registration, current mileage, proof of insurance, and lien holder's name and address. The state of Kansas will contact the lien holder and get a paper title issued from the prior state and will send registered owner a letter and copy of the title at which time the vehicle will have to be inspected by the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Change Lien Holders with and Electronic Title

Furnish the registration, current mileage, proof of insurance and a lien release from the previous lien holder, plus the name and mailing address of the new lien holder to be added.