Tags for New Residents

If you recently moved to the state of Kansas and are in need of vehicle tags, follow these instructions:

  1. If you have the title, you need to bring in the title, along with the vehicle, a current driver's license and the proof of insurance, and the current registration from the state you are relocating from to one of the tag offices. The person who is named on the title is the only person who can register the vehicle. If two names are on the title, i.e., Mary and/or Tom Jones either party may register the vehicle. If it is Mary and Tom Jones, Mary/Tom Jones or Mary Tom Jones, both parties will be needed for initial registration. If both owners cannot come in together, the one who is not able to appear may give power of attorney to the party who will apply for registration. The Kansas Highway Patrol inspects the vehicle prior to registration.  Effective February 1, 2022, all paperwork involving an individual Power of Attorney, must have a copy of a photo ID, from the buyer, included in the transaction paperwork. Additionally, the person who is executing the Power of Attorney, will need to show a photo ID at the time of processing.
  2. At least one registered owner's Kansas driver's license number is required on every personal vehicle title application or renewal. Owners of vehicles registered in a business name will be asked to furnish their FEIN number which will be entered instead of a driver’s license number. Leased vehicle users will be asked for the lessee’s Kansas driver’ license number. This information will not print on your receipt and will be on file only with the Kansas Department of Revenue. We do not retain this information at the county level.
  3. If you do not have your title because the lien holder or the state keeps it until the vehicle is paid for, you will need to contact them and have them send the original title to you, bring the original title in to the Highway Patrol Office for in out-of-state VIN verification inspection before bringing the original title to the Tag Office for processing. It is illegal to display front plates from another state or country with a Kansas plate on the back of the vehicle. You may be stopped and ticketed.

*Faxed copies will not be accepted, only the original title will be acceptable for title work.

Do I need a Kansas driver's license?

A Kansas driver's license is required if you have Kansas vehicle tags. Visit one of the driver's license exam stations.

Where should I register my vehicle?

I Own Property in Multiple States/Counties:

If you still own property in another state or county, but are a resident of Sedgwick County, you must register your vehicle here. The only exception to this is if you are active-duty military or an undergraduate student attending college in Sedgwick County.

I Own Businesses in Multiple Counties:

The vehicle should be registered in the county where the main business is located.

Tag Enforcement:

The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office is responsible for identifying and charging individuals who are in violation of this statute. This is a misdemeanor offense. Persons convicted of this charge may be subject to a fine up to $2,500 and may also be responsible for the payment of back taxes to the state of Kansas and Sedgwick County. Once completed and submitted the information you provide will be sent directly to the Sheriff's Office for investigation. You may remain anonymous if you desire, however providing your information will assist deputies if additional information is required for their investigation. All information you provide will be kept confidential.