Vehicle Inspections

The state of Kansas requires inspections for all out-of-state titles for used vehicles (and Kansas non-highway, salvage, affidavits and bill of sale titled vehicles). The fee is $20.00. The inspection locations and hours are as follows: 

1) Main Tag Office located at 2525 W. Douglas, Wichita, Ks. 67213 (a separate entrance located adjacent to the Main Tag Office entrance) At this location, Out-of-State titles, requiring inspection which are "clean", meaning, NOT (“Salvage”, “Rebuilt Salvage”, using an affidavit, bill of sale, quiet-titles, or non-highway) are done.

2) 1900 E. Tigua (Kechi) HWY 254 and Rock Rd. (316) 337-7418 All Titles* requiring an inspection will be performed at this Kansas Highway Patrol inspection office:

Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

*This does include, but is not limited to; any title, Kansas or Out-of-State, with the branding of “Salvage”, “Rebuilt Salvage”, using an affidavit, bill of sale, quiet-titles, or non-highway.

Douglas Office
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
2525 W. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67213
Phone: (316) 660-9000

Who needs an inspection?

What do I need to bring?

VIN Verification Procedures for Vehicles Outside the State of Kansas

Requirements of Kansas Law

Kansas law requires that before an application for a Kansas title and/or registration can be accepted for a vehicle or trailer currently titled in another jurisdiction, the vehicle and the out-of-state title or ownership document must be inspected to ensure that vehicle identification number shown on the foreign title is genuine and agrees with the identification number on the vehicle or trailer. These procedures allow out-of-state inspections in lieu of a Kansas inspection and issuance of an MVE-1 form when the owner and the vehicle or trailer is out-of-state. 

Who qualifies for these procedures?

To qualify for using an out-of-state inspection in lieu of the MVE-1 an individual must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. A Kansas resident who is on active military duty stationed out of state.
  2. A Kansas resident who is attending an out-of-state college or school.
  3. A Kansas resident who is temporarily out of state, such as working on a short-term basis will require Kansas MVE-1 when vehicle is returned to Kansas..
  4. Any out-of-state title application for Kansas apportioned registration that requires a VIN inspection (MVE-1) and the vehicle is not in Kansas.
  5. Kansas Out-of-State VIN Verification Form


To comply with Kansas law, K.S.A. 8-116a, one of the following two options must be met prior to making application for title and/or registration in the state of Kansas.

Option 1 – State has VIN Verification/Inspection Program

  1. In states that have a VIN verification (inspection) programs similar to Kansas, you may have your vehicle inspected and documented on an that state’s VIN verification form, completed in its entirety. You should contact the State Patrol or the motor vehicle office in that state to determine the time of operation and location of the inspection sites.
  2. The examiner should examine the out-of-state title document for authenticity. The title must be free of erasures, whiteout, or altered data. (A faxed copy of the front and back of the title from the lien holder will be accepted.)
  3. The examiner should examine and record the public vehicle identification number as it appears on the vehicle or trailer onto the out-of-state inspection form.
  4. The examiner should compare the public vehicle identification number on the vehicle to the VIN number on the title document.

Option 2 – State Does Not Have VIN Verification/Inspection Program

  1. In states that do not have a VIN verification program similar to Kansas, you may have the VIN verification completed in the following manner.
  2. The VIN verification inspection must be performed by a law enforcement official, and recorded on that law enforcement agency’s letterhead. The following information must be provided:
    1. Date of Inspection
    2. Vehicle Identification Number
    3. Year and Make of Vehicle
    4. Odometer Mileage (If odometer discrepancy, please explain in detail)
    5. Owner's name and complete address
    6. Title State and Title Number
    7. Signature of officer performing the inspection
    8. Officer's department and badge number
  3. The law enforcement officer should examine the out-of-state title for authenticity. The out-of-state title must be free of erasures, whiteout, or altered data. 
  4. The law enforcement official must compare the public identification number on the vehicle to the VIN number on the title document.
  5. Military: VIN verification inspections performed for military personnel may be conducted on a military installation by a military police officer. Item #3 (above) must be documented on official military police letterhead or document.

Possible Additional Requirements

If during the VIN verification procedure, a discrepancy is determined with either the vehicle identification number or the title document further documentation may be required by the State of Kansas.

In both options 1 and 2, the examiner or law enforcement officer's signature will certify that he or she has physically examined the vehicle and title described on the form or letter and the information is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge, and verify that no stolen record was found in the Federal States vehicle files (NCIC).

There will be no fee collected for the State of Kansas for out-of-state inspections documented on out-of-state forms or out-of-state letters.

Any correspondence or questions pertaining to out-of-state VIN verification inspections
shall be mailed to:

Kansas Department of Revenue
Division of Vehicles
Titles and Registrations Bureau
915 SW Harrison
Topeka, Kansas 66626-0001
Atten.: Out-of-State VIN Verification Desk
(785) 296-3621