Consumer Complaint Form

Download the consumer complaint form (forma de queja verificada) here. On the second page of the form, please write a complete summary of your complaint and include copies (you should retain the originals) of all contracts, canceled checks, advertisements, or any other documents that deal with the subject matter. The form does not need to be notarized.

Once your complaint has been received by this office, it will be reviewed to determine if it is appropriate for mediation, further investigation, formal legal action and/or referral to another agency. Please understand that the District Attorney cannot act as your private attorney and the Division has very limited resources and authority to intervene in private civil disputes. Many such disputes must be referred to private mediation, Small Claims Court or a private attorney.

We will contact you by mail approximately 2 weeks after receipt of your complaint. We may notify you that we have forwarded your complaint to another agency who is in a better position to assist you or we may inform you that you will need to take your dispute to private mediation, Small Claims Court or a private attorney. Please understand that by filing this complaint, you have not and should not delay or foreclose other legal options and remedies available to you. State and Federal law limit the period of time during which a private legal action may be filed and you may wish to contact a private attorney concerning these issues.

Please note that a copy of your complaint may be forwarded to the other party in order to determine their position on any disputed facts and to assess the chances of informal resolution of your complaint. Finally, please understand that the information provided will, in most cases, become accessible to others under the Kansas Open Records Act.

Telephone: (316) 660-3600 or 1-800-432-6878, or email Office of the District Attorney Consumer Protection Division -