Juvenile Division

Operating within the Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code, the Juvenile Unit prosecutes juvenile offenders alleged to have violated the laws of the State of Kansas. Attorneys review case investigations presented by law enforcement agencies to determine what, if any, offenses will be charged.

Office of the District Attorney
18th Judicial District of Kansas
1900 E. Morris
Wichita, KS 67211

Juvenile or CINC Division Contact: JuvenileDivision@sedgwick.gov

Juvenile Diversion Contact:  JuvenileDiversion@sedgwick.gov


Juvenile Diversion

The Juvenile Diversion Program enables qualified juvenile offenders to avoid adjudication for crimes committed upon the successful completion of an offender diversion program. Youth who are approved for the Program must accept responsibility for the offense and sign an agreement, which outlines all of the requirements of diversion. Program requirements may include a combination of payment of restitution, correctional counseling, substance abuse and mental health treatment, community service work, and payment of costs and fees. Please review eligibility requirements and guidelines here before submitting an application.  Drug/Alcohol application

If you are to perform community service, this list may be helpful: Community Service Resource List


Child in Need of Care (CINC)

The Child in Need of Care (CINC) Unit has the protection of children as its primary responsibility. The CINC Unit is comprised of a Deputy District Attorney, staff attorneys, and support personnel whose obligation it is to screen cases and when appropriate file petitions alleging abuse or neglect. District Attorney staff work closely with SRS agency personnel and private contract providers. Once a case has been initiated, staff attorneys attend court proceedings in accordance with the Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children, K.S.A. 38-2201 et seq.

What's My Job in Court?

This resource and activity book can help children understand their roles and what is expected of them if they must appear in court.