Internships for Law Students

Prosecution Internship Program

The Office of the District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District in Wichita, Kansas is the largest prosecution office in the state.  Headed by District Attorney Marc Bennett, the office is staffed with over 150 full and part time employees including 55 attorneys.  Staff attorneys are assigned to specialized office units including:

Interns are selected upon the basis of their qualifications and credentials, with serious consideration given to those individuals who demonstrate an interest in and desire to pursue a career in law enforcement and prosecution.  

Because this program emphasizes courtroom advocacy, internship applicants must comply with all qualifications of Supreme Court Rule 709.  In addition applicants must complete a course in evidence and are encouraged, but not required, to take a trial or courtroom advocacy course prior to participating in the internship program.

Our Staff attorneys and mentors work with interns each day to assist them in developing new skills, gaining confidence and learning to practice law in a professional and ethical manner. 

Encouraging preparatory practice under Supreme Court Rule 709, District Attorney Bennett selects legal interns each summer to represent the State of Kansas in a unique and comprehensive trail internship program at his office.

Under the supervision of Chief Attorneys in the Trial Division, senior staff attorneys and mentors, interns prosecute traffic and misdemeanor cases, preliminary hearings in felony cases, and participate in court hearings on motions.  For those whose career path includes practice in Juvenile Justice, internship positions are also available in this division.

Our interns are prepared by summer's end to handle a jury trial at the conclusion of their 11 week program.  All interns entering the program are assigned an Assistant DA as their mentor who will support them in making their experience in prosecution an exceptional opportunity.  In addition to "hand-on" trial experience, each intern also has the opportunity to engage in appellate practice and will be assigned a case to research and brief.  During the summer program, our interns participate in a variety of criminal justice experiences including trial observation law enforcement training and education, crime scene analysis, and other duty assignments.

Our internship program has opened the door to employment within the criminal justice system for a number of law graduates who have become career prosecutors. 

Our interns are paid employees for an eleven (11) week program commencing the day after Memorial Day.  Temporary positions do not provide employee benefits including vacation, sick leave or health insurance.  All employees must pass a drug test and background check to be eligible for employment.  The Office of the District Attorney is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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