Meet the Staff

It is the policy of this office, through responsible recruitment, to hire qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religious affiliation, or disability. Prosecutors are attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Kansas and must have successfully graduated from an accredited law school and have passed the Kansas Bar Examination in addition to possessing credentials demonstrating proficiency and professionalism. The more than 50 attorneys comprising the staff of this office have more than 360 years of combined legal experience.

Deputy District Attorneys

Aaron Breitenbach is a Deputy District Attorney and Chief Legal Counsel for the District Attorney. Mr. Breitenbach supervises the Adult Diversion Programs and the Records Division. His duties include trial work, Kansas Open Records and Open Meeting Act enforcement and work with grand juries.

Ron Paschal

Ron Paschal is a Deputy District Attorney who supervises the Juvenile Division of the Office of the District Attorney. As the supervisor of the division, Mr. Paschal oversees the Offender/Child In Need of Care (CINC) programs in the office at 1900 E. Morris in Wichita. He also serves as Ethics Coordinator of the Office of the District Attorney. Mr. Paschal has been with the District Attorney’s Office since 1997.

Chief Attorneys

Alice Osburn is a Chief Attorney who supervises the division that prosecutes crimes involving sex offenses and domestic violence.

Robert Short is one of two Chief Attorneys who lead general trial teams for the Office of the District Attorney.  His team covers a range of cases from homicides to drug and property crimes. 

Shannon Wilson is the Chief of the General Criminal Trial Division – “B” side, of Office of the District Attorney, 18th Judicial District, Sedgwick County Kansas.

Mark Jordan is the Chief Attorney for the Juvenile Division’s Child in Need of Care Unit. This unit’s primary responsibility is the protection of children through the filing of Child in Need of Care petitions in instances of alleged child abuse and neglect..

Avery Elofsson is the Chief Attorney over the Economic Crimes Unit. He and his assistant district attorneys prosecute all manner of property crimes, including business and residential burglaries, organized retail theft, financial crimes, elder abuse and business fraud. 

Boyd Isherwood is the Chief Attorney in the Appellate Division of the District Attorney’s Office which handles all appeals to the Kansas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court.

Mandee Schauf is Chief Attorney in the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Gang Unit and oversees the attorneys who prosecute gang members and the people who commit violent crimes.

Donna Longsworth is the Chief Attorney over the Juvenile Offender Division. Ms. Longsworth reviews all juvenile offender cases and supervises the attorneys that prosecute all felonies and misdemeanors committed by juveniles as well as acts of truancy in Sedgwick County.

Becky Hurtig is the Chief Attorney over the Charging unit.  Prosecutors have the responsibility to determine what cases are charged within the criminal court system.