Budget Process

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Community Engagement

Board of County Commissioners Budget Workshops
View the recordings of the Board of County Commissioners Budget Workshops
Board of County Commissioners Budget Hearings
View the recordings of the Board of County Commissioners Budget Hearings
Budget Roundtable Discussions
Online Public Comments

Community members are welcome to leave comments on our Online Public Forum once the Recommended Budget has been released.

Upcoming Budget Meetings

Budget Process

Step 1: Develop Framework

Budget staff compare historical revenues with projections.  The financial forecast is revised based on actual data. 

Step 2: Budget Development

Budget staff engage with departments and divisions to evaluate business needs assessments, requests for additional funding, and budget submissions.  Departments and divisions work through a series of budget presentations, and proposed adjustments are made as appropriate. Workshops are conducted regarding topics that require additional discussion.

Step 3: Budget Recommendation

The County Manager utilizes information gathered during budget presentations, as well as feedback from the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), and presents a formal recommended budget to the BOCC.

Step 4: Public Hearings and Budget Adoption

Members of the public are invited to comment and provide input on the recommended budget at special BOCC meetings.  Legal notice is published, and leadership staff engages with the BOCC and the public for final recommendations and budget adoption. This provides framework for the following year’s approved expenditures.

Step 5: Implementation

After the budget is adopted, staff begin the implementation process.  The process will repeat itself at the end of the budget year.