Request Sedgwick County Government Records

If you have not found what you are looking for on the other KORA pages, then you may need to submit a request to the Freedom of Information Officer (FIO). The FIO will refer your request to the appropriate Sedgwick County department(s). Or, if you prefer and know the department that likely has the records you seek, you may check the listing of departmental Open Records Coordinators, and call the Coordinator directly.

The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) only requires public agencies to provide records that already exist. KORA requires departments to respond within three business days. County departments may require that requests be submitted in writing and include the requester’s name and physical address. KORA allows Sedgwick County departments to charge fees for making records available to requesters or for providing copies.

KORA does not require creating records to meet a requester’s specifications, compiling research or statistical reports, or interpreting records.

Requests should be specific in terms of dates, times and other information content, so that departments may understand, search and provide records that are responsive. KORA does not require public agencies to accept standing requests for records in advance of their creation.

List of Departmental Records Contacts

To view a list of County departments, Records Custodians and Open Records Coordinators and contact information. The list also shows contact information for both District Attorney and for 18th Judicial District Court.

Records Form

To submit a request to the Freedom of Information Officer you may either complete the online form, or you may email directly to If you email, be as specific as you can about what you seek, but please do not provide dates of birth or Social Security numbers. Please provide a physical mailing address. Response normally will be by email.

The online Records Request Form will prompt you for required information. Please describe the records you seek as specifically as you can. Response normally will be by email.