Kansas Open Records Act

Real Estate Ownership, Sales, Appraisal and Tax Records

Deeds filed with the Register of Deeds transfer ownership of real property from seller to buyer. Anyone may search for and access deeds and other filings at the Register of Deeds pages on this web site.

Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaires must be filed with the Register of Deeds for when deeds are filed transferring ownership of real estate. Data from these questionnaires is available with certain restrictions. These records can be accessed online through Sedgwick County's Real Property Sales Information application.

After deeds are filed, the County Clerk records each transfer for taxation purposes and maintains taxpayer mailing addresses in the County Tax System. The Real Estate Records Department in the County Clerk’s Office can provide ownership information, as well as various other property characteristics.

The County Appraiser values each parcel of property for taxation purposes and maintains appraisal data in the County Tax System.

County Clerk receives budgets adopted by each unit of local government within Sedgwick County and sets levies for taxing real property. Property valuations and tax levies are used by the Tax System to calculate tax bills.

County Treasurer sends out tax bills and collects taxpayers’ payments, which are recorded in the Tax System.

Considerable Tax System information may be accessed online through Sedgwick County's Property Tax and Appraisal Information application. You may search by parcel identifiers, specific address or address range. Information available includes legal description, property owner and mailing address, identifier codes, lot size, values, characteristics, current and previous valuations and billing detail.

For most Tax System related questions please call the Call Center at 316.660.9110.