Frequently Requested Records and Frequently Asked Questions

Accident reports

The Sheriff's Office Records Section can provide copies of traffic accident reports worked by Sedgwick County Sheriff deputies – please call Sheriff Records at 316.660.3888 or email a request to For traffic accidents worked by Wichita Police officers, please visit the Wichita Police Department Records Bureau webpage.


Adoptees may obtain pre-adoption birth certificates showing birth parents from the State Office of Vital Statistics (see contact information at the Birth and Death records page). The Kansas Department of Children and Families provides certain services to adoptees.

“All records about me” (or another person)

Usually, when a requester seeks “all records” about himself/herself or another person, he/she really wants criminal history information – please see the Criminal History page.

If a requester is seeking records from multiple departments, then he/should submit separate requests to each department he/she had contact with, and provide specific information as to date ranges and nature of the contact, so that departments can search records.

Arrests – disposition or resolution

Sedgwick County Sheriff Records has a procedure for searching its records and allowing a person to access its records about himself/herself. When a person needs to obtain a document for government licensing purposes (e.g., nursing, teaching, etc.), stating outcome of previous arrests or that no arrests are on record, it may be able to provide a letter that would satisfy such requirements– please call Sheriff Records at 316-660-3888 or email a request to Please do not provide personal identifiers such as Social Security number or date of birth until requested to do so.

Autopsy reports

See Coroner reports on this page

Background checks

Please see the Criminal History page.


Sedgwick County Government has no role in the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy is a matter handled by U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. Please contact the Clerk of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court at 316.315.4110 to request bankruptcy records.

Bid specifications and results

View both current and previous Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Quotations (RFQs) for Sedgwick County online.

View many

Budgets and financial reports

The current and immediate past annual Budgets for County departments are available on this website under the Finance Division. Previous budgets may be requested. Recent financial reports are also available under Finance.
Burials and cemetery records

Burial locations

Burial locations are not recorded with county governments in Kansas. Please see the Genealogical Research page for information about sources for burial locations and cemetery records.

Commission minutes

Minutes of meetings of the Board of County Commissioners are available from the County Clerk. Video of archived meetings since 2004 are available on the County website.

Coroner reports

The County Coroner (Forensic Science Center) does not determine cause for all deaths, but only for instances of suspected crime, apparent accidents, certain unattended deaths and other circumstances required by law. Coroner and autopsy reports normally will not exist for deaths attended by private physicians.

Since 07/01/1976 the County Coroner has filed reports with the Clerk of District Court when complete and available to the public. Reports previous to 07/01/1976 were filed with the County Clerk.

Driver license and motor vehicle records

Driver license records and motor vehicle registrations are records maintained by the Kansas Department of Revenue. The request form TR/DL 302 on the KDOR website at lists the conditions for accessing these records.

Immunizations (“shots”)

If you or your children were immunized by the Sedgwick County Health Department, then it should have immunization consents which you signed. County Health will not have records of immunizations administered by your private doctor, a private clinic, or other private health services provider.


The Sedgwick County Register of Deeds provides a clear explanation of liens and which kinds of liens are filed with what office:

“Many times the owner of property may owe money to various creditors. The lien allows creditors a means of preventing the property from either being sold or mortgaged until the debt is paid. Some of the types of liens recorded in the Register of Deeds are: Tax Liens (for non-payment of taxes), and Mechanic Liens (such as repair or work done on a vehicle) are filed in the UCC area of the Register of Deeds office. Mechanic Liens for labor and materials furnished in construction on land are filed in the Clerk of the District Court's office. State sales and state income tax liens are also filed in the Clerk of the District Court's office.”

Maps and aerials

Sedgwick County Geographic Information Services (SCGIS) provides both pre-defined and ready-to-print maps, and the capability to make your own maps at the SCGIS website.

The SCGIS team also provides custom mapping/analysis services for maps not available on the website. Contact the GIS office at 316.660.9290 to place requests. Services are provided as time permits.

Medical records

Multiple Sedgwick County Government departments provide medical services to the public. Records of identifiable individual persons may only be disclosed to persons who demonstrate rights to obtain, consistent with State and Federal law.

Names and addresses lists

With only specified exceptions, lists of names and addresses obtained or derived from public records may not be used for marketing and solicitation purposes (KSA 45-230). Before providing any such lists Sedgwick County Government must so inform the requester and may obtain a signed affidavit, in which the requester acknowledges being informed and agreeing to comply.

Salaries of officials and employees

Sedgwick County Human Resources can provide information about what any County elected official or employee is paid.

Schools records

Graduation and other student records for public schools are maintained by the individual school districts. Sedgwick County Government has had no involvement with operating schools since the old County Schools system was ended and the current unified school districts created in the early 1960s. Information about how to obtain USD259 student records is available online at Wichita Public Schools (USD 259) student records website.

Tax foreclosure sale “excess funds,” “excess proceeds,” “surplus funds” or “overages” lists

No Sedgwick County Government department has nor maintains lists of monies received from delinquent property tax sales that exceed delinquent taxes and penalties due. Nor does any County department receive or maintain full records of results of tax auction sales.

Kansas law requires county treasurers to initiate tax sales when delinquencies meet statutory standards by filing appropriate case materials with State district courts. 18th Judicial District Court directs the Sedgwick County Sheriff to conduct the tax sale auction. Sheriff retains such records as documents that it conducted the sale, and submits full records to the 18th Judicial District Court. 18th Judicial District Court provides to the Treasurer only amounts required to satisfy delinquent taxes, special assessments and nuisance abatement fees. 18th Judicial District Court conveys any “excess” or “unclaimed” funds after sales to the State Treasurer, where they are available for property owners to claim via the State unclaimed property program at no cost. Requests for any records that may be available should be directed to 18th Judicial District Court.

Please see the County Treasurer pages on this website for considerable information about the delinquent tax foreclosure sale process.

Traffic accident reports

Please see Accident reports.

“Unclaimed funds” or “uncashed checks” list

County Finance can produce lists of vendors and other persons who have not cashed County checks. However, it first may obtain a signed affidavit from the requester – please see Names and addresses lists.


Sedgwick County Government does not record wills, nor does it have any involvement in the probate legal process. These are State District Court matters – please see the District Court page.