Marriage and Divorce Records

Sedgwick County Government has no role in recording either marriages or divorces, and cannot provide these records.

Records for marriages recorded in Sedgwick County and divorces granted in Sedgwick County are maintained by 18th Judicial District Court, located in the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

Marriage and divorce certificates are also available from the State Office of Vital Statistics in Topeka. OVS can provide marriage certificates for marriages since 05/01/1913, and can provide divorce certificates for divorces since 07/01/1951. OVS provides only certified records to persons who qualify – it will not provide dates or other information from records by telephone or email.

Marriage Records

In Kansas after marriages are performed the normal procedure is the minister, priest, judge or other person qualified by law to conduct the marriage files the record with the local State District Court, which then also conveys to the State Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) in Topeka. In rare occasions marriage records are filed directly with State OVS, bypassing the local District Court. Both the District Court and OVS can provide certified marriage records.

Divorce Records

Divorce is a legal process handled by State District Courts. Records are maintained at the local District Court, and results are conveyed to OVS. Only District Court can provide the full case record, including the divorce decree. Both the District Court and State OVS can provide certified records documenting the divorce.